CD database music query demo

Here you can query our instrumented CDDB music database. The database contains about 34 thousand discs and about 470 thousand tracks.

The result set is limited to 20 discs. You can use the '%' character for wildcard search. For example, enter '%REM%' and you will get all artists containing the sub-string 'REM'.



Monitor measurements

For monitoring of todays measurements please use our new RTS-Monitor interface.

Browse measurement statistics

For browsing statistics of measurements please use our new RTS-Browser interface.

For details on using these two statistic interfaces read the RTS-Browser and RTS-Monitor documentation.

Analyse measurements

Please use our browser interface for single measurement analysis.

For details on using the browser interface read the documentation.

Manage MyARM runtime configuration

To manage all MyARM runtime configuration the Admin interface is used.

Note: The Admin interface for the site is configured to be read-only to avoid misconfiguration. Only the save and activate buttons are disabled.